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Italian minors travelling without their parents


Italian minors travelling without their parents

If a child under 14yrs of age, holding an Italian passport or identity card, needs to travel with a third party (airline or any other person who is not the child’s natural parent), both parents must provide the third party with a declaration whereby they give written mutual consent to do so  issued by this Notary Department. The consent form must indicate full personal details of the person or persons taking charge of the child when travelling abroad and/or the name of the airline/s. The declaration has a maximum validity of 6 months, and it is only valid for one trip (outbound and return) with a specific destination.

The declaration of consent is does not incur any consular fee.

Please use this form here (click here Travel Consent form) to provide your consent to other parties travelling with your child.

The completed form must be presented in person to the Notary Department of this Consulate General by at least one of the parents and must also be accompanied by both their individual identification documents showing photos and signatures (passaport or ID Card) and the passport of the minor, during normal office hours: Monday-Tuesday and Thursday from 9.00am until 12.00 noon. The other parent, who must be an Italian or EU citizen or a non-EU national residing in Italy, is not required to come to the Consulate and may complete and sign the above form, attach a copy of his/her identity document and give it to the parent who will attend this Office.

If one of the parents is NOT a citizen of an EU member state or is not a non-EU national residing in Italy, then his/her presence is required at the Notary Department where he/she will need to sign the consent form in person.

Please note that for the above service no appointment is necessary.