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Tax code


Tax code



The Italian Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) is essential for any person who wishes to carry out financial transactions in Italy, in particular regarding properties and/or inheritance matters. It can be issued to nationals of any country.

Residents of England, Wales and Channel Islands can apply for an Italian Tax Code if they never had one or if they need a certification of the code received on a previous application, for example in order to ask access to the services linked to the digital identity procedure (SPID – only Italian citizens). In both cases, it is necessary to fill an application as per the instructions below.

The service is free of charge and is available to private individuals over the age of 18, who are resident in this Consular area. This Consular area includes England, Wales and Channel Islands.

Firms or Companies must apply for a tax code in Italy in the location of the registered address or business activity.

The Italian Tax Code does not expire or change when moving to another country. This office cannot modify previously assigned Codice Fiscale in case of errors or changes in name or surname. It is necessary to contact Agenzia delle Entrate in Italy directly.

Applications on behalf of minors: beside the passport of the child, it is necessary to prove the parental rights, hence applications must include a parent’s ID and either a .pdf of a birth certificate or part of an ID or passport that clearly states the names of the parents. In this case, the proof of address can be in the name of a parent or the GP registration.

PLEASE NOTE: the Italian Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) is one of the details included in an Italian Health Services Card (Tessera Sanitaria) but it is a different document. The Italian Health Services Card has an expiration date and it is only available to Italy residents. This office does not issue Italian Health Services Cards (Tessera Sanitaria).

Applications for an Italian Tax Code can only be submitted online, by filling the relevant online form ( and the Codice Fiscale will be sent in .pdf form via email.

The application must be completed in all its parts, paying particular attention that the details (name, surname, date and place of birth) exactly match those in the ID. Italian nationals, even in case of dual citizenship, must apply according to their Italian details. Italians will be asked to add the details of their address in Italy, please note that the system only need the input of the Italian municipality/town of AIRE registration.

Applications sent via post will be disregarded. Incomplete applications will regrettably be rejected.

In order to complete the application, please make sure to have an adequate file copy (pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, txt, rtf, html, zip, jpg, jpeg, png, gif are all accepted by the system) not exceeding 500Kb each of the following documents:

1. A copy of valid ID (either a passport or identity card, we cannot accept a driving licence);

PLEASE NOTE: the Codice Fiscale is issued based on the personal details: name, surname, place and date of birth. In case of Italian nationals or in case of pre-existing details of the applicant in the Italian Government records there must be consistency in the personal details. This is the reason why, the following categories of applicant must notify this office in the “Remarks” section of the application:

  • Married Italians who have taken the spouse’s surname (even in case of dual nationality);
  • Descendants of Italian nationals;
  • Spouses of Italians (even in case of dual nationality).

2. A copy of your proof of address in England, Wales or Channel Islands (utility bills and council tax only) issued in the 3 months prior to application.

Upon completion of the form, you will receive a message confirming that your application was successful and a reference number.

Due to the high volume of applications received, the waiting times for obtaining a “codice fiscale” may vary. Please wait 4 weeks from submission before contacting requesting information about the progress of your application.

Any proven urgent applications, if also properly marked in the “Remarks” section, will be dealt with as a matter of urgency.



Italian nationals and all those who need to pay taxation in Italy can use an online service for filing tax forms called Fisconline. All information available on the website of Agenzia delle Entrate: 

In order to receive a PIN code from this Consulate, please contact via email and send a scan copy of passport/ID (page showing the picture, name, surname, dateand place of birth) and the application sent to Agenzia delle Entrate.

This office will provide the validation of the application and the first four digits of the PIN code, the password for the first access to the online service and the instructions to obtain the second part of the PIN from Agenzia delle Entrate.