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Judge Supervising guardianship cases


Judge Supervising guardianship cases

Submitting an application to the Consul General in his/her capacity of Judge Supervising guardianship cases

Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 71/2011, in guardianship and curatorship matters regarding Italian citizens under the age of 18 residing in the Consular Jurisdiction and registered with AIRE, the Head of the Consular office exercises the functions and powers that, according to the applicable legislation, are within the remit of a Judge Supervising Guardianship.

The parents or guardians of minors, residing in this Consular Jurisdiction and registered with AIRE, must apply for specific authorisation from the Consul General acting as Judge Supervising Guardianship cases, before making any non-routine decision in the following matters:

- Acceptance of a succession under benefit of inventory (click here for a request template)
- Waiver of a succession left to the minor following the death of a parent or a relative (click here)
- Acceptance of a legacy (click here)
- Cashing in bonds payable to a minor (click here
- Authorising a minor to cash in an “End of service pay out” (TFR) following the death of a parent (click here)
- Authorising the transfer of ownership of a vehicle bequeathed to a minor (for the sale of a vehicle bequeathed to a minor, the Judge supervising guardianship cases is requested only to express his/her opinion) (click here)
- Authorising a minor to cash in an insurance policy (click here
- Authorisation to withdraw money from a bank account held in the minor’s name (click here)
- Authorisation to cash in money due to a minor following an accident (click here)
- Authorisation  for the acceptance of a donation made to a minor (click here)
- Authorisation for the purchase or sale of a property for and on behalf of a minor (click here)
- Authorisation for  taking out a mortgage or signing a tenancy agreement longer than nine years (click here)

The above templates, provided for your convenience, are meant to be drafts that can be  modified according to individual needs.

The application and relevant documentation must be submitted in person to this Notary Department by both parents or by the parent having parental authority/rights. You may appoint a lawyer, if you so wish, even if this is in no way compulsory.

This service is by appointment only. To request an appointment with the Notary Department please email:

The Consul General can approve the application as requested by the parties or reject it if, in assessing the best interests of the minor, he/she believes the application would not benefit the child. The Consul General may also ask for additional documentation.

For the fee for this Consular service please see art. 31A and 31B  of the Consular Fee List (click here for the list).