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Recognition of employment as healthcare professional abroad


Recognition of employment as healthcare professional abroad

Pursuant to law no. 735 of 10th July 1960, Italian healthcare professionals are entitled to apply for the recognition in Italy of their employment abroad (for the purposes of taking part in open competitions and as additional classification points).

This recognition takes the form of a decree issued by either the Ministero della Salute (Italian Ministry of Health) or the Regions.

Prospective applicants can check which is the competent institution for their specific case on the dedicated webpage of the Ministero della Salute.

The Consulate General of Italy in London is only responsible for endorsing, with the so-called “Visto per Conferma” stamp, those documents certifying the applicant’s employment in England and Wales.

Applicants will need to send the following documents to

  1. Scanned copy of a valid Italian ID card or passport;
  2. Scanned copy of the certificate of employment in pdf format (please see below for details);
  3. An accurate and complete Italian translation of the certificate of employment in editable format (Word or RTF);
  4. Postal address where you wish to receive the stamped documentation (recorded delivery).

PLEASE NOTE: The certificate of employment must contain the following information:

  • Applicant’s name and surname;
  • Position/Role;
  • Pay-band;
  • Salary;
  • Period of employment (if currently employed, the issue date of the certification will be used as the end date for the recognised period);
  • Ward/Department (if employed in several wards/departments at the same time, main duties and tasks carried out should be specified);
  • Type of contract (part time or full time);
  • IMPORTANT: legal status of the Institution/establishment where the applicant worked.
    More precisely it should state whether the Institution/establishment is a "public body" or a "public-interest institution" or a “Private Non-Profit Institution” that is part of or is accredited with the Nation Health Service (NHS).
    For instance: It is also declared that the (name of the Institution/establishment) is a public body (or “public-interest institution” or a “private non-profit institution”) that is part or is accredited with the National Health Service;
  • The employment certificate must bear the signature of an administrative officer and role (e.g. Finance Director, HR Director, Director of Workforce etc.).

PAYMENT. Only after completing the necessary checks will the Qualifications Office contact the applicant by email providing payment instructions (bank transfers only) and relevant consular fees (Art.66N, Art. 72a) and postal charges (£10 Special Delivery).

Please Note: Before submitting your request to the Qualifications Office applicants are advised to check that the employment certificate contains all the above information.