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Registry office


Registry office

Please note that, starting from 16th February 2019, theEU Regulation n. 2016/1191 came into force. It provides administrative simplification for the exhibition of documents issued by the authorities of EU Member States.

Under this regulation (available at, legalization (or similar procedures) are no longer required for administrative documents, notary deeds, sentences and consular documents issued by other EU Member States.

N. B. Italian nationals requesting the above- mentioned certificates in Multilingual Standard Format (MSF) from British authorities, will first need get their birth or marriage certificates registered by the local British Registry Office. Then, will need to request the Local Registry Office to forward their own certificate to the General Registry Office (GRO). The GRO office, located in Southport, near Liverpool, will issue the certificate in multilingual format by post, upon payment of the relevant fee.

Please consult the UK GRO website for further relevant information about fees and post delivery times.

Please note that if you need the certificate sooner, a priority service is available

As regards all British certificates (birth, marriage, civil partnership, death, etc.) issued pursuant to the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953, they will need to be legalised with an Apostille and translated into Italian in order to have them registered in Italy.

For any further information about British rules and procedures, please check the following links:

  2. Google => GRO Fees => => Multilingual Standard Forms (MSF)

Please note that the Apostille and translation into Italian are not required for Multilingual Standard Format (MSF) certificates (in compliance with EU Regulation n. 2016/1191).

The Registry Office ( deals with the registration of British birth, marriage certificates, entries in the Civil Partnership Regstry and divorce decrees relating to Italian citizens.

The Registry Office forwards the above-mentioned certificates to the relevant Italian ‘’Comune’’ (Town Hall) to obtain referenced registration. Death certificates are forwarded by our Social Services.

Furthermore the Registry Office assists all Italian citizens registered with Aire in the following matters : publications of Marriage Bans and applications for a change of name or last name.

For further information please refer to: DPR nr. 396/2000 and Dgls nr. 71/2001

All the certificates are given a registration by the appropriate "Comune" Aire according to the latest residence in Italy.

When a marriage took place in a specific ‘’Comune’’ of Italy, related divorce decree occurring abroad must be sent to that ‘’Comune’’ for registration.



The Registry Office issues to AIRE registered people in this Consular jurisdiction the following certificates, which confirm details from our archives and are valid only in relation to private individuals (eg. welfare organisations, notaries, insurance etc.) and not Public bodies.

  • CERTIFICATES for Civil Status, Family Status, Comprehensive, Identity Confirmation (click here for the application form).
    Before posting the application form please make sure of your AIRE position.
  1. What are they?

    Civil Status
    is a certificate which confirms the status of a citizen (single, married, divorced). In order that the certificate corresponds to your current circumstances, please make sure your AIRE position is up to date (birth registration, any marriage or divorce registration, current address);

    Family Status is a certificate for which it is advisable to include a self declaration, confirming the composition and same residence of the family members, of the person making the request. In order that the certificate corresponds to your current circumstances, please make sure your AIRE position is up to date (birth registration, any marriage or divorce registration, current address).

    Comprehensive is a certificate which confirms at the same time the civil status, citizenship and residence of the individual. In order that the certificate corresponds to your current circumstances, please make sure your AIRE position is up to date (birth registration, any marriage or divorce registration, current address).

    Identity Confirmation. For example, the lady who has already taken on her married surname according to UK law and is in the process of requesting a British passport, if required, can obtain from this Consulate General a certificate of Identity Confirmation. Should this be the case, the marriage needs to be registered with us and a copy of the Italian passport bearing the surname of the spouse on the fourth page of the document and proof of identity in the UK (any utility bill, bank account etc.), should be included with the request.

    Certificate of No Impediment to Marry. Should the Italian citizen intend to marry abroad (excluding Italy) in one of the countries which have ratified the Monaco Convention of 05.09.1980, the relevant Consulate where residence is held, can issue a "Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry" which is exempt from legalisation and translation as it is already drafted in a multilingual format. List of member States: Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldavia, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey. For those Italian citizens who intend to marry abroad (excluding Italy) in one of the countries which have not ratified the Monaco Convention, then the No Impediment to Marry document best suited would be either the certificate of Civil Status or the Comprehensive certificate, from which one can ascertain capacity to marry. The same can be issued at the request of the citizen, either in English or Italian.

    Certification of conformity for a translation. On request, this office can certify the translation of an original registry document, as being true. This can be done both for an Italian and an English version, both incurring separate costs. The certification is free of charge only when used to register an act in Italy.

  2. For what purpose?

    LEGAL VALUE OF THE CERTIFICATES of Civil Status, Family Status, Comprehensive.

    Following the entry into force of the financial act (L. 183/2011), from the 1st January 2012, all Public offices are prohibited from issuing certificates to prove states, facts and personal details, which are to be presented to other Public authorities or to managers of public services (art. 40, D.P.R. 445/2000). Therefore, from the 1stJanuary 2012, when dealing with Public Administration bodies and managers of public services, citizens will not be able to use such certificates.

    The registry certificates issued by the Consulate General of London will only have legal value if utilised when dealing with other private bodies and the person making the request will be responsible for proving administrative states, facts and personal details by self declaration (art.46 D.P.R. 445/2000).

    Consequently the abovementioned certificates can only be issued bearing the indication "cannot be used for Public Authorities".

  3. What is the cost?
    The certificates are subject to a Consular tariff + stamp duty as follows:

    Certification of Civil Status               Art. 2b + NNA
    Comprehensive Certificate Art. 8 + NNA
    Family Status Art. 8 + NNA
    Identity Confirmation Art. 8 + NNA
    Certificate of no Impediment to Marry Art. 2d + NAA
    Certification of conformity - translation
    From English to Italian Art. 72a
    From Italian to English Art. 72c

    For the Consular tariff charges and NAA Stamp Duty, click: Tabella delle Tariffe Consolari

    NOTE Certificates "in plain paper" where only the Consular tariff is applied.

    Certificates may be issued exempt from Stamp Duty (commonly known as "plain paper") only in those cases applicable by law: that is to say in situations as foreseen by Tabella B of D.P.R. 642/1972 and specific laws.

    The applicant, if certain of his right to the exemption of payment of NNA, is obliged to specify this on the application form together with the applicable law and article which shows such exemption, as well as the use and scope of the certificate, the Body/Association/Professional (with address and contact number) to whom the certificate will be presented. The applicant is legally responsible in case of false or misleading declarations.

    The information supplied by the applicant for the exemption will be included by the Consulate on the certificate issued, where it is recognised as legitimate after any controls have been made.

    If the exemption requested by the individual is not applicable or the details are incorrect or the postal order is not complete, the application will be returned together with the postal order. Without the certificate.

  4. How do I request the certificates I am interested in?

    : the request for the abovementioned certificates is made solely by post, forwarding to the Consulate the following documentation:
    • completed application form;
    • photocopy of a valid ID;
    • specific documentation (i.e. for the Identity Confirmation or Family Status);
    • a pre-stamped self-addressed envelope;
    • postal order made out to the Consolato Generale di Londra for the correct amount (Duties and Consular tariffs). The name of the applicant should be legible and included on the back of the postal order.

      The Office will issue the certificate and will post it to the address indicated, only if a pre-stamped self- addressed envelope is included with the request. Without the latter the application will be suspended.

      This Consulate General does NOT issue Birth, Marriage, Death or Divorce certificates which are SOLELY the responsibility of the Municipality in Italy.


      Office opening hours for the collection of certificates: from 9:00 to 12:00, Monday to Friday (Thursday closed).

All Registration documents, sent to this Office, will be processed according to the law and in order of arrival.