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Selling a vehicle


Selling a vehicle

Please note: due to the pandemic, all cancelled appointments with the Notary Department will be rescheduled over the next few weeks.

Please note: COVID-19 EXCEPTIONAL PROCEDURES – Currently you can access the Consulate General only if you have an appointment (no walk-ins). For all those services that require attendance at the Notary Department (also in case of a proven emergency), you need to schedule an appointment by writing to

Italian citizens who wish to sell a vehicle registered in Italy can refer to this Consulate General  in order to:

A) Sign a declaration regarding the sale of a vehicle.

The seller will need to provide the following:

  • Original Vehicle Ownership Certificate
  • A valid  Italian ID (Italian passport or Identity Card)
  • Fiscal code 
  • Details of the buyer (if it is an individual, please provide copy of their identity document and fiscal code. If it is a  Legal Entity, please provide their name, address and fiscal code)
  • Selling price of the vehicle.

The  fee for  this Consular service is shown at art. 26 of the Consular Fee List (click here for the list)

B) Sign a power of attorney authorising a third party to become your negotiator to sell the vehicle on your behalf (click here for a template of the power of attorney).

Please note you need to complete each field in the template before you can print it out. Please do not sign the document printed as it must be signed before a consular officer.

Please bring the following:

  • A valid  Italian ID (Italian passport or Identity Card)
  • Fiscal code
  • Copy of the negotiator ‘s ID
  • Copy of the negotiator ‘s  fiscal code 
  • Copy of the Vehicle Ownership Certificate

For the  fee  for  this Consular service please see art. 26 of the Consular Fee List (click here for the list).