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The adoptive parents can apply at this Notary Office in order to have the British  adoption court order  recognised by the relevant Juvenile Court (Tribunale dei Minorenni) in Italy, provided at least one of the parents is  Italian, they have been resident in the United Kingdom for at least two consecutive years, and are registered with the AIRE  office of  this  Consulate General.

The foreign minor automatically acquires Italian citizenship  once adopted by Italian citizens, as a result of the registration of the adoption court order in the Registers of the Register Office of relevant Italian municipality.


1) Application form (click here) duly completed and UNSIGNED.

2) Full form birth certificate of the adopted child, issued before the adoption.

If the minor was not born in the U.K., you will need to provide their full form birth certificate issued in the Country of origin before the adoption took place. The certificate must be legalised and translated into Italian.
For the translation and legalisation please visit the website of the relevant Italian Consulate/Embassy in the Country of issue of the certificate. The legalisation is by means of an Apostille, if that Country signed the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, otherwise it must be legalised by the Italian Embassy/Consulate in the Country of issue. The translation into Italian, carried out by a translator, must be certified by the Italian Consulate/Embassy in the country where the certificate was issued or legalised by means of an Apostille (for a list of Italian Consulates and Embassies visit

If the adopted child was born in the United Kingdom, you will need to provide their full form birth certificate duly legalised and translated into Italian.  This certificate will need to be legalised by means of an Apostille by The Legalisation Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, You will be provided with the relevant address details to submit your documents to upon completing your application online at the following link:; email:; tel. 03700 00 22 44 – 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

The translation can be carried out  by the interested party as long as it is complete and correct. Please click here to download  the translation template.

3) British full form birth certificate, issued after the adoption, duly legalised and translated into Italian as per the above instructions.

4) British adoption court order legalised and translated as per the above instructions. (No template is available for the translation).

Each original document must be submitted with 1 photocopy (no double-sided copies please).

The above  translations  will be certified by this Notary Office on the day of the appointment.

Once you have collected all the required documents please request an appointment by e-mail at the following address:

Please note that both adoptive parents must attend in person on the day of the appointment, and must bring their passports or Identity cards.

The above service (application to have a British  adoption court order  recognised in Italy) does not incur a consular fee.