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Certificato di residenza


Certificato di residenza
Residence Certificate

Consular Offices are not delegated to the same functions as the Registrar in Italy and can NOT therefore release residence certificates, such task can only be fulfilled by the Registrar of the  Town Halls in Italy for both Italian citizens residing abroad (AIRE) and those residing in Italy (APR).
The certificate therefore can be requested directly at the Registrar of the Town Hall in Italy where the person is registered in the AIRE.

Please note article 15 Bill n.183 of 12 November 2011 allows for a freedom of exchange of information from the Public and the private sector.
Therefore since 01 January 2012 all certificates issued by the Public Administration (including this Consulate General) are only valid to be used between private entities.
When dealing with the Public Administration and other public organisations, all certificate (including residency) will be substituted by personal statements made by nationals (self certification) or a notary act.
Public Offices will no longer be able to request or accept certificates of any kind.
If a private individual or entity requests a certificate to present to another private individual or entity abroad, this certificate will have to be requested directly to the Registrar of the Town Hall (Comune)  in Italy where the national is registered, and will be valid only abroad

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