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Pension and work in the UK


Pension and work in the UK

1. Pensions and protection of Italian workers
Regarding social security benefits, Italian workers are protected by the State through international social security agreements which ensure the insurance protection of migrant workers. In particuolar, international legislation in the field of social security guarantees equal treatment and aggregation of insurance periods for the purposes of fulfilling the minimum requirements laid down by Italian or British legislation to be entitled to pension benefits. To make an application, migrant workers are advised to contact, either directly or through a “patronato” (Italian welfare agency), the institution dealing with pensions in the country of residence, namely:
Department of Work and Pensions
Pensions and Overseas Benefits Directorate Tyneview Park - Benton Newcastle on Tyne, NE98 1BA for those who have worked abroad and currently reside in Great Britain;
Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale
Direzione Centrale delle Prestazioni Area Convenzioni Internazionali Via della Frezza 17 00100 Roma
The “patronati” provide information and services relating to pensions free of charge.

The main “patronati” in London are:

  • ACLI 134 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5DL, Tel. 020 7278 0069, Fax 020 7278 9968
  • INAS-CISL 248 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1AU, Tel. 020 7834 2157, Fax 020 7233 8050
  • INCA-CGIL 124 Canonbury Road, London N1 2UT, Tel. 020 7359 3701, Fax 020 7354 4471, mail 
  • ITAL-UIL Collingham House, 10/12 Gladstone Road, London SW19 1QT, Tel. 020 8540 5555, Fax 020 8307 7699, e-mail:

2. Working in the UK
The formalities to complete are very few: as an Italian national, that is the national of a EU country, you do not need either a residence permit or a work permit.
Job opportunities are commensurate with you level of English, both written and spoken.
You may refer to a local Job Centre ( or to a private Employment agency. The use of these agencies is FREE OF CHARGE as the fees are paid by the employer, not the employee. It is advisable to submit a Curriculum Vitae in English – short yet exhaustive.

Some of the Job Centres in central London:
- Tresco House, 65 Lisson Grove – underground: Marylebone/Paddington;
- 1/6 Tavistock House, - underground: Euston Square.

Employment agencies specialised in office staff with agencies in a number of cities all around the UK:

Employment agencies are normally located in the main high streets; the ones nearest to this Consulate are around Victoria station.
Once you have found a job, you need to go to the Department of Social Security – Benefit Agency with your valid passport/ID card, letter from your employer and one or two pay slips to apply for your National Insurance Number (equivalent to the Italian “codice fiscale”).



Kindly be advised that due to the current Covid19 emergency, pensioners will not be required to attend in person the Consulate General concerning the Citi Bank Proof of Life forms.

All Italian pensioners residing in this consular district can have their Citi Bank Proof of Life Certificate stamped by the Consulate by sending via post to the following address:

Welfare Department
Consulate General of Italy
83-86 Farringdon Street
London EC4A 4BL

1. The Citi Bank form signed by the pensioner, complete with his/her details including a telephone number;
2. Copy of a valid Italian ID or passport;
3. The envelope provided by Citi Bank with the postage already paid (Royal Mail 1st or 2nd class stamp);

4. A prepaid envelope with the pensioner’s address should they wish to receive a copy of the certificate.

Upon receipt of the above listed documents, the Consulate’s Welfare Department will contact the concerned individual by telephone and will then post the form directly to Citi Bank.