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Citizenship by birth right - jure sanguinis


Citizenship by birth right - jure sanguinis


The child of an Italian national is Italian automatically, by birth right. In order to register the new born as Italian, it is necessary to register the birth with the competent Italian authorities, please see the instruction at Stato Civile/Registry Office page.

People over the age of 18th of Italian fathers by birth have the right to Italian citizenship without time limits , even when born outside of Italy, whereas children of Italian mothers by birth can apply only if born from  1st January 1948.

As of July 8th, 2014 all applications for the recognition of the Italian citizenship Jure Sanguinis (by descent) and Jure Matrimoni (in case of foreign national whose husband is an Italian citizen married prior to April 27, 1983) are subject to the payment of a € 300 fee (Law n. 66 April 24th, 2014 and modifications Law n. 89 June 23rd, 2014 art. 5-bis, comma 1) at the amount in GBP based on the actual exchange rate (British debit card) to be paid at the cashier’s desk of this Consulate General. Payment information will be provided on the day of the appointment.

The application fee is NON REFUNDABLE, regardless of the outcome of the petition.

Please note: the analysis of the documents for the recognition of Italian citizenship for descendants of Italian born ancestors is based on the check of the original documents.

No one case is entirely the same as another. It is not possible to check the documents before receiving the payment for the analysis. Information elicited via email cannot and will not receive a formal feedback. It is entirely the applicant’s responsibility to provide the documentation needed to asses the right to Italian citizenship.


Applicants for Citizenship Jure Sanguinis over the age of 18 can ONLY book an appointment via the “Prenot@MI” system (click here) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Any applicant wishing to book an appointment need to create their own account. In case there were no appointments available, it will be necessary to try until a date appears to be available. This office DOES NOT HAVE access to the automated appointment system. Please do not ask for an appointment by email.

Please note: you will receive an automatic reminder email from the Prenot@MI system asking you to reconfirm your appointment. You need to confirm your attendance no later than 3 days before the date of your appointment only via the Prenot@MI system. Failing to confirm the appointment will result in a cancellation of the booking. Due to the high demand, appointments are generally fully booked in a few minutes.

Applicants for Citizenship by virtue of being MARRIED to an Italian CANNOT AND DO NOT NEED TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Please note that appointments may be changed for administrative reasons. Any change will be notified by e-mail.



The Consulate General of Italy wishes to remind all users that the booking system “Prenot@MI” is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

Users will never be asked to pay any fee in order to book an appointment at the Consulate General.

We would recommend all users to refrain from accepting any offer made by websites, agencies or other individuals claiming to be able to book an early appointment on your behalf, provided that you pay a fee.

The Consulate General wishes to stress that there is no connection at all between the Consulate itself and such websites, agencies or individuals and reserves its right to take action where appropriate.