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General Power of attorney


General Power of attorney

A General Power of Attorney (GPA) is a notary deed which authorises someone to act on your behalf and in your name and allows the Attorney to make all personal and business decisions in relation to your present or future property and affairs.

A General Power of Attorney remains valid until it is revoked (link to revoca)

If the person requesting the general power of attorney is married, and has opted for the “communion of assets regime”, the General Power of Attorney must be signed by both husband and wife.

If you wish to sign a General Power of Attorney it is not necessary to send a draft of it drawn up by an Italian Notary Public/Solicitor; you however need to provide the following details for the Donor and the Attorney:

Date of birth
Place of birth
Full address:
Fiscal code:
Marital status: Married/Widow-er /Single

The original General Power of Attorney is kept at this Italian Consulate General. Certified copies are issued to the interested party.

The Consular fee for this service is shown at art. 17A and art. 25 for each copy certified (Link to the List)