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Book an afternoon appointment online


Book an afternoon appointment online

If you wish to book an afternoon appointment with the Passport Office of the Italian Consulate General in London, you need to book through our free online booking system “Prenota Online” (click here). Afternoon appointments are only for Italian nationals already registered with AIRE. If you book an afternoon appointment, your passport will not be issued on the same day of the appointment. Please read carefully the relevant application form (click here).

• First time users will have to register their details. After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email (please check your spam box).
• Please make a note of the email address and password that you've used to request your account as you will need this to log in.
• The best time to book an appointment is on SUNDAY, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY evening at 7pm (UK time).
• Due to very high demand, we run out of appointments in a matter of minutes. We therefore advise you to try at exactly 7pm, refreshing the web page continuously.
Available dates show up in green or yellow. If there aren’t any dates in green or yellow, it means that there are no available appointments at this time and you will have to try again next Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at 7pm (UK time).
Please note: it may take several attempts to book an appointment.
• Online appointments can be booked up to 12 weeks in advance. For example, if you try to book an appointment on the 1st September, the first available appointment would be on the 24th November.
• If you see dates that are in black or grey, it means that the system hasn’t activated them yet.

If you need more help booking an appointment, please watch our online video and/or consult our Booking an appointment FAQs.