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Apply for a passport in case of proven emergency


Apply for a passport in case of proven emergency


4. Apply for a passport in case of proven emergency

4.1. What to do if you need to travel urgently 4.2. Who can apply?
4.3. Passport processing times and validity 4.4. Fees and how to pay
4.5. What documents do I need to bring to my appointment? 4.6. Passport FAQs


4. What to do if you need to travel urgently

Italian nationals registered with the Italian Consulate in London (A.I.R.E or Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all’Estero), in cases of a proven emergency, which needs to be approved by the Head of the Passport Office, can apply for a passport by attending the Consulate without an appointment, Mondays to Fridays from 9:00am to 12 noon to submit the necessary documents.

Italian nationals are informed that given the waiting times and due to the number of applicants who have already booked an appointment, so as to ensure that they receive fair treatment, access to the emergency procedure is limited and it may be suspended based on the number of applicants with an appointment waiting to be seen by the Passport Office.

Italian nationals who use the emergency procedure are informed that they may have to wait until 12 noon and beyond. This is to ensure that priority is given to applicants with an appointment. They are further informed that except in the case of those who need to travel the same day they come to the Consulate, which must be evidenced by an airline ticket already purchased to be shown upon arrival at the Consulate, the emergency passport service may be suspended and postponed to the following day.

This decision is at the sole discretion of the Head of the Passport Office, who acts in the interests of the smooth running of the service as well as in the interest of those Italian nationals who have booked an appointment following the standard procedure.

If your emergency application is accepted, an emergency fee must be paid in addition to the standard passport application fee (click here to go to our passport fees page).

Our ability to issue passports on the day of the application can be affected by a number of factors and can only be considered on a case-by-case basis in response to a verifiable emergency.

We can only accept urgent passport applications for newborns born in England by post.

Please mark your child’s passport application documents as URGENT and send them together with your child’s birth certificate. If you send the birth certificate without an apostille and a translation, we will not be able to process the application.

What constitutes an emergency?

a family or medical emergency: you must bring a doctor’s certificate or hospital correspondence written in Italian or English and proof of your travel plans including booking confirmations.

urgent work related matters that cannot be postponed: you must bring a letter from your employer or business partner detailing the nature of your urgent business and proof of your travel plans including booking confirmations. The letter must be written on headed paper and be signed by your employer or business partner. The letter should also specify the name of the person who has signed, their position in the company and their telephone number. You are not allowed under any circumstances to use your work related emergency to submit a passport application for another family member.

We will not accept the following documents as proof of an emergency:

• appointments for medical examinations which could have been carried out in England but have been scheduled in another country;
• doctor certificates that don’t clearly specify a serious medical condition of an immediate family member;
• flight tickets for a holiday or letters written by relatives, friends or acquaintances;
• email correspondence relating to urgent work commitments;
• declarations (written by the applicant) relating to urgent work commitments without sufficient proof of emergency;
• correspondence or booking confirmations relating to school trips.


If you

• were born outside of Italy
• obtained Italian citizenship in Italy or from an Italian Consulate/Embassy outside of England
• obtained Italian citizenship by marriage in Italy or from an Italian Consulate/Embassy outside of England

you are strongly advised to check that your birth certificate has been registered at your town hall (comune) of reference in Italy, even if you have been issued with an Italian passport in the past.

If you haven’t registered your birth certificate in Italy, you should provide a photocopy of a legalized birth certificate and a certified translation together with your passport application.

For more information about registering birth certificates, please contact the Registry Office, click here