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Apply for a passport if you are “permanently unable to travel”


Apply for a passport if you are “permanently unable to travel”

It is now an essential requirement for all Italian nationals (aged 12 or above) to provide their biometric data (photograph, signature and fingerprints) when applying for a passport.

The only exception to this rule is if you have a medical condition which permanently prevents you from travelling.

It must be stressed that the medical condition which prevents you from travelling must be permanent and not temporary.

To apply for a passport without submitting your biometric data (fingerprints), you must enclose a doctor’s certificate with your passport application (please see Apply for an Italian passport for more information).

We will only consider certificates that have been issued by a hospital or your G.P and which state that you are “PERMANENTLY UNABLE TO TRAVEL”. Any statement which deviates from this wording, even by a small margin, will not be accepted.