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Application for a change of name or last name


Application for a change of name or last name

Application for a change of name or surname


ADMISSABLE APPLICATIONS: in the Italian legal system, a change of name or surname is HIGHLY UNUSUAL and permitted in EXCEPTIONAL CASES based only and exclusively on certain criteria, such as surnames that may be RIDICULOUS or SHAMEFUL or REVEALING PARENTAL ORIGINS. All applications submitted will require substantial documentation to support a CONCRETE and SIGNIFICANT request.

In no case can a surname be changed to one of historical importance or otherwise, so as to cause confusion or error to one’s origins to illustrious families or famous people, where the birth certificate is registered or in that general area

WHO CAN APPLY: applications can be submitted only by ITALIAN citizens.

WOMEN’S SURNAME: after marriage, Italian women continue to keep their maiden surname for passports and identity documents. On page 4 of the passport, if requested, the husband’s surname can be added.

ITALIAN WOMEN REQUESTING BRITISH CITIZENSHIP OR ALREADY IN POSSESSION OF DUAL CITIZENSHIP: in the case of women who have changed their maiden surname to their married surname, as allowed by British law, the Consulate General can supply a ‘CERTIFICATO DI CONCORDANZA ANAGRAFICA’; this is a ‘letter of proof’ stating that, according to Italian law, married women do not change their surname to that of their husband’s (however the husband’s surname can be added on page 4 of their Italian passport) and therefore the applicant should be considered as one and the same person. This certificate can be requested by post – Address: Consulate General of Italy – Registry Office – III Floor - “Harp House” 83/86 Farringdon Street London EC4A 4BL (for cost of certificate please see Table of Consular Fees).

HOW TO APPLY FOR A CHANGE OF NAME OR SURNAME: applicant’s signature is not required to be certified. Applications can be sent directly to Italy by downloading the form from this Consulate General Home Page. A Consular Fee must be paid in person at the Consulate before forwarding your application to Italy. In this case, please take with you your application to the Consulate’s cashier, already filled in and signed.

WHERE TO APPLY: applications must be sent to the relevant ‘PREFETTURA’ (Italian local Home Office branch, established on a ‘Province’ basis) in Italy where applicant’s birth certificate has been registered (if born outside of Italy), or relating to the applicant’s last city of residence.



To apply for a change of name or surname, these are the steps that need to be followed:

1. fill in change of name-surname form (see HomePage – Forms – Registry Office);

2. payment of applicable fee;

3. form must be sent to the appropriate ‘PREFETTURA’ in Italy;

4. if application is accepted, a Provisional Decree will be granted by ‘Prefettura’;

5. upon receipt of a Provisional Decree, applicant must come to the Consulate General to pay the appropriate Consular fee for this Decree, which will be posted on-line by us for 30- days;

6. after 30-days, a letter of confirmation will be sent to the relevant ‘Prefettura’ in Italy;

7. a Final Decree will be issued by ‘Prefettura’;

8. applicant must return to the Consulate General for further payment and collection of Final Decree;

9. applicant must send Final Decree to the Town Hall (‘Comune’) in the city of their birth or where their birth certificate is registered, to ensure it is legally filed;

10. after Final Decree has been legally filed, applicant will urgently need to apply for a new passport and all other relevant documents such as driving license, ‘Codice Fiscale’, Identity Card etc.



1.APPLICATION FORM : please fill out the appropriate application form (see HomePage – Forms – Registry Office)

a. requested change of name or surname;

b. reasons for your request;

c. your current address in the United Kingdom;

d. list of all your family members;

2.please sign and date your application form;

IMPORTANT: APPLICATIONS FOR A CHANGE OF NAME OR SURNAME FOR A MINOR CHILD: please be informed that such an application must be completed and signed by both parents, by using a specific form (see HomePage – Forms - Registry Office); in this case please also attach both the parents and the minor child’s valid ID together with a sworn declaration of consent to the change (see table at the end of this article);

3.please attach a copy of your valid PASSPORT or ID CARD;

4.DECLARATION OF CONSENT FOR CHANGE OF NAME-SURNAME: a declaration must be signed by immediate family members related to the applicant, such as SPOUSE, PARENTS and SIBLINGS. This must be attached to the application together with a photocopy of each relative’s valid passport or identity card. Each family member can find and download this form at the end of these instructions.

5.BRITISH CRIMINAL CERTIFICATE (“Police certificate for immigration purposes”) to be requested from: . If an unsigned certificate is issued, it must be requested that the document be signed by a public official. This certificate must be legalized with ‘Apostille’ by:

The Legalisation Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
PO Box 6255, Milton Keynes MK10 1XX Tel. 03700002244 e-mail:
Internet site:

This service is carried out only by post.
This certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
This certificate must be translated into Italian by an official translator (see Home Page for List of Translators)

6.DEED POLL : if the applicant has already obtained a change of name or surname by Deed Poll in the United Kingdom, the original document must be attached to the application and provided with an official translation in Italian (see Home Page for List of Translators inserire allegato) and ‘Apostille’ issued by the British Foreign Office (see point no. 5);

7.ANY OTHER ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT : any additional document in support of the request of a change of name or surname must be provided with an official translation (see Home Page for List of Translators);

8. your application is subject to a Consular fee (see Home Page for Table of Consular Fees); for such a payment you need to come personally to this Consulate Generalto the Cashier’s Office; you will obtain a referenced stamp to be applied on yourapplication;

9. once your application is completed, signed, dated, all the attachments enclosed and the relevant fee is paid, you will be in the condition to send it directly to the relevant ‘Prefettura’ in Italy via international certified mail (for Royal Mail - see link : (for the Italian addresses of ‘Prefetture’ please visit referenced link by ‘Ministero dell’Interno’ :