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How to register a marriage


How to register a marriage

To register a marriage


  • preliminary registration with the AIRE is required in order to proceed with processing the marriage, for registration with the relevant Italian Municipality;
  • it is advisable to update your civil status promptly, ensuring that any previous marriages and subsequent divorces have been registered.


  1. fully complete the application form for registration. The application must be signed by both spouses;

  2. enclose: PHOTOCOPY of ID Card or passport and the British Marriage Certificate (Full Marriage Certificate). The certificate needs to be original (photocopies are not acceptable) and complete with Apostille (International Legalisation)."Apostille" can be obtained from the Legalisation Office for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

  3. attach a translation in Italian (please click here for a List of Certified Translators) CERTIFICATE MUST BE FULLY TRANSLATED - THIS CONSULATE DOES NOT CARRY OUT TRANSLATIONS. The translation can be done by oneself only if it is true to the original. PLEASE NOTE: in the case of certificates issued by authorities other than British, it is always necessary to obtain the services of a professional translator. In fact the services of a professional translator are always advised, so as not to end up with translation errors, which would preclude the registration by the Municipalities in Italy.

  4. IMPORTANT: please be informed also that in case of a marriage occurring in a foreign country other than the United Kingdom, you must obtain a proper legalisation both for your marriage certificate and translation of the same. Said legalisation and translation can be provided only by the appropriate Italian Consulate or Embassy located in the relevant country (for instance : Pakistan - Embassy of Italy in Islamabad). Please consult their relevant websites for further details.

  5. please post all the above documentation to:

    Ufficio Stato Civile
    83/86 Farringdon Street
    EC4A 4BL - London

  6. Information of completion of process: please note that this office will send an email confirming completion of our process. We therefore advise you to include in the application form a valid email address.


  • Please note that if all the documentation is complete and correct and we positively process the application, this Consulate will not return any paperwork submitted;
  • Please be informed that, should the above-mentioned documentation be incomplete or incorrect, the application will NOT be processed and the paperwork will be returned only if a stamped, self addressed envelope has been included (Special Delivery);
  • For further information, please contact us at the following email: