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Consular fees


Consular fees

Fees in GB pounds valid from 01/10/2022 (for the entire list click here).
Due to Covid-19, the payment is possible only by british debit-card ("No-cash policy") only for morning appointmentsNO CREDIT CARD, NO AMERICAN EXPRESS, NO NON-UK CARDS. Contactless and Apple PAY are not accepted. Please pay with card and PIN number. The shown amount includes the commission on the payment.

N.B. The above-mentioned procedure does NOT apply to MARRIAGE BANNS.

Please note that Consular fees change every three months (1st of April-July-October-January) due to exchange rates. If you are using consular services by post 15 days before those dates, please wait for the new fees that are published around the 18th-20th day of the previous month. 

Postal charges:

  • for a UK address, please send A4 stamped self addressed envelope (1st class or Special Delivery).
  • for an address outside UK, please send the applicable tariff, if you require Registered Delivery.

Payment of consular fees + postal charges:

  • from the UK only: Postal order made out to "Consolato Generale d’Italia"
  • from other countries: please send an email to the relevant office (link here) for instructions on payment methods.



Issue - worldwide      £ 98.80
Priority fee  art. 74     £ 42.60
ETD – Emergency Travel Document      £ 1.40
Certificato di stato civile (certificate proving one's marital status)  art. 2b     £ 5.20
Certificato contestuale (certificate proving one's residence, citizenship and unmarried
art. 8     £ 9.40
Stato di famiglia (certificate listing all family members living at the same address)  art. 8     £ 9.40
Certificato di Concordanza Anagrafica (Certificate of  Identity confirmation) art. 8    £ 9.40
Certificato di avvenuta Pubblicazione di matrimonio (No Impediment Certificate) art. 2c    £ 5.20
Affissione Pubblicazioni di Matrimonio (Posting of Banns)  art. 3    £ 5.20
Certificato di capacità matrimoniale (Marital Capacity Certificate or Nulla Osta) art. 2d     £ 5.20
Certificate of Consular Registration (AIRE) art. 68    £ 17.10
Imposta di bollo NAA (Decrees and Change of Name/Surname Application)       £ 13.70
Citizenship certificate  art. 4a     £ 9.40
Citizenship application for people over th age of 18 art. 7bis    £ 255.20
Legalisation of the applicant's signature art. 24    £ 12.00
Certificate confirming that a translation into Italian complies with its English original art. 72a   

 £ 11.10 per sheet

Certified copy  art. 71     £ 8.60 per sheet
Issue of the Electronic ID Card art. 28c    £ 18.70
Duplicate in case of theft/loss/deterioration of the Electronic ID Card art. 28d    £ 23.10
Declaration of value art. 66n     £ 34.90
Certified translation of the degree certificate into Italian art. 72a     £ 11.10 per sheet
Certified photocopy art. 71     £ 8.60 per sheet
Consular certificate  art. 66n     £ 34.90
General power of attorney  art. 17a     £ 68.10
General power of attorney ad litem  art. 17b     £ 68.10
Confirmation, amendment, revocation of a general power of attorney  art. 17c     £ 68.10
Special power of attorney  art. 18a     £ 47.40
Special mandate with or without representation  art. 18b     £ 47.40
Confirmation, amendment, revocation of a special power of attorney  art. 18d     £ 47.40
Parental authorisation to travel for children under 10 accompanied by a third partyLegalisation of a signature as a private deed  art. 19     £ 17.10
Legalisation of a signature as a private deed art. 24     £ 12.00
Legalisation of a signature on a statutory declaration art. 24    £ 12.00
Renunciation of inheritance art. 26    £ 23.90 per sheet
Sworn statement art. 26    £ 23.90 per sheet
Certificate of endorsement       £ 15.20
Requests to the Consular authority   art. 31a     £ 9.40
Order by consular authority whilst acting as judge supervising a guardianship  art. 31b     £ 9.40
Vessel dispatch art. 39    free of charge
Acts not set out in articles 39 to 55 of section 6 art. 55    £ 21.20 per act
Legalisation of a photograph art. 66b    £ 34.90
Temporary firearms permit  art. 66c    £ 34.90
Legalisation of acts  art. 69     £ 20.50
Full or extract of notary act/deed  art. 25     £ 13.70
Certified copy  art. 71     £ 8.60 per sheet
Certificate confirming that a translation into Italian complies with its English original  art. 72a     £ 11.20 per sheet
Certificate confirming that a translation into English complies with its Italian original  art. 72c     £ 17.10 per sheet