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Afternoon appointments and resuming of the call centre service for passport appointment bookings



Afternoon appointments and resuming of the call centre service for passport appointment bookings

From Monday 22nd March the call centre for the booking of passport appointments will resume service. The service will be available from Monday to Friday between 8.15am and 12.30.

Those who are computer-literate and are at ease with smartphone technology are recommended to keep using the on line booking system, for a higher number of appointments are released via Prenota On Line. Also, the call centre is mainly reserved for vulnerable categories.

The Consulate General has already planned to increase the slots available for the passport service due to the gradual lifting of the current restrictions in place announced by the British Government starting from April. Therefore, in the last two weeks more than 1,500 slots have been released for morning appointments (passport issued on the spot) and, starting from 6th April, afternoon appointments (passport posted in three working days) will also resume.

A further increase in the appointments available, as well as the resuming of the walk-in services for the authentication of signatures and photos, is scheduled to start from next month in accordance with the improvement of the health situation in the United Kingdom that will allow us to receive more people in safety for both staff and public.

It is always possible, however, to apply for an Emergency Travel Document for repatriation (irrespective of the purpose of the journey) and the emergency passport service for Italian citizens with a proven emergency of a professional, health or personal nature. For further information on such services, please visit our website.


Emergency Passport

Since the beginning of 2021, the Consulate General has already issued 6,500 passports, which makes it by far the most active Italian consular office in the world for the passport service. The passports issued by the Consulate General represent 11.3% of all the passports issued by the Italian diplomatic and consular network in the world, which includes over 220 Embassies and Consulates. The current output is in line with that of 2020. During last year, despite all hardships and limitations, the Consulate General issued more than 25 thousand passports.