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  • Can I take part in a work placement at the Consulate?

  • Q. How can I find out when there are vacancies at the London Consulate?
    A. Any vacancy for a job, whether temporary or permanent, has to be expressly authorised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    The Consulate, like all the other Italian institutions, recruits by "concorso" (public competition). Notices of competition are advertised both in the consular notice board and on our website (on our home page in the "News" section). The absence of any notice of competition means that there are no vacancies.

  • Q. I got married/I was born in Italy and I need to obtain a copy of my marriage certificate/birth certificate. Can you help?
    A. You need to contact the "comune" (town hall) where you got married/were born. Please visit for a list of comuni in Italy. If you are not Italian, you can contact your Embassy in Italy who may be able to assist you.


  • Q. What are the formalities/requirements I need to fulfill to take my pet to Italy with me?
    A. The formalities/requirements, set down by the Italian Ministry of Health (, are as follows:
    Animal health requirements applicable to non-commercial movement of pet animals in order to carry pets animals in Italy are under listed.

    When being moved, pet animals of the species listed in parts A and B of Annex I of Regulation (EC) No 998/2003 (dogs, cats and ferrets) must:
    · Be identified with eletctronic identification system (trasponder);
    · Be accompanied by a passport issued by a veterinarian authorised by the competent authority certifying valid anti-rabies vaccination, or revaccination if applicable, in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturing laboratory, carried out on the animal in question with an inactivated vaccine of at least one antigenic unit per dose (WHO standard). The anti-rabies vaccination must be carried out on the animal in question 21 days before movement (if is the first anti-rabies vaccination).

    The Ministry of Italian health (in compliance with Regulation (EC) No 998/2003 ) does not authorise the movement of animals listed in parts A and B of Annex I of Regulation (EC) No 998/2003 (dogs, cats and ferrets) which are under three months old and unvaccinated.
    Concerning introduction in Italy from UK, of pet animals listed in annex I part c of Regulation 998/2003/EC, we need:

    · A certificate signed by an Official Veterinarian, or veterinarian authorized by the competent authority, that declare: the animal has been inspected 48 hours before dispatch, showed no clinical sign of disease proper of the species and able to withstand carriage to their destination.

    · The certificate must indicate: Identification of the animal, Owner of the animal, address of origin and destination

    The species of poultry laid down in Council Directive of 15 October 1990 90/539/EEC on animal health conditions governing intra- Community trade in, and imports from third countries of , poultry and hatching eggs are not considered as pet animals.

    Ministry of Health
    Dipartimento per Sanità Pubblica Veterinaria, la Nutrizione e la Sicurezza degli Alimenti
    Direzione Generale Sanità Animale e del Farmaco Veterinario
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