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Frequently asked questions - AIRE


Frequently asked questions - AIRE

1. What proofs of address are accepted?

You can send one from the list below, it should be recent (within the last 3 months)

1) Utility bill (electric, gas, etc)
2) Council tax
3) Bank statement
4) NHS registration card
5) NIN confirmation letter
6) Official letter from a British government office (Job Centre, HMRC ..)
7) University attendance confirmation letter

Please Note: your name and surname and current address in UK must appear in the letter heading. Settled and presettled status are not valid because there is no proof of address. 

If you cannot provide any one of the above listed proofs of address it will not be possible to process the AIRE registration request.


2. How do I know if I have been registered in the Consular database?

You are kindly requested to provide your email address on the AIRE application form. Once the application has been processed an email confirming your request to register AIRE will be sent to you and to the Italian town hall (Comune) of last residence/birth or registration of citizenship.

Please Note: all AIRE registration enquiries should only be addressed  to the Comune (Town Hall) in Italy and not to this Consulate General in London.


3. How do I know you have received my request to register AIRE?

If the request has been correctly completed on line, at the end of the process an automatic confirmation number will be generated. If the automatic generated number does not appear we suggest you repeat the process making sure the uploaded files do not exceed the set limit.


4. How can I know if the application I sent is correct?

Due to the high volume or enquiries received  it will not be possible to check each individual request until it is being processed, you are therefore requested to check that you have completed the application form correctly and uploaded the relevant files.

It is essential to provide a correct email address, as we will request any missing documentation by email.


5. How can I transfer my AIRE registration from an Italian town hall (Comune) to another Italian town hall (Comune)?

National residents abroad can only request, with a formal application, to register in a different Italian town hall (Comune) to their present one for the reasons listed below:

a) If another family member (wife/husband, parents or children (who must be a minor) are resident or AIRE registered in that Italian town hall (Comune);
b) If your original birth certificate was registered at that Italian town hall (Comune).
c) If your Italian citizenship acquisition was originally at that Italian town hall (Comune).

To submit a transfer request please use the relevant online form available at the following link (click here)


6. I have been living in the UK for a long time and I have never registered, can I do it now?

The AIRE registration can be submitted at any time but cannot be predated. The submission date will be considered  to be the date of arrival in the UK and the AIRE registration date the date the communication will be sent to the Italian town hall (Comune).


7. Must I wait 90 days or 12 months before applying for the AIRE registration?

The AIRE registration can be submitted at any time by any Italian national residing in the UK  intending to officially transfer his/her  residence from Italy or abroad to the UK.


8. A child is born in the UK how do I proceed with the AIRE registration?

The procedure in this case is processed and completed by the Registry office (Stato Civile) of the Italian Consulate and will be forwarded to the relevant Italian town hall (Comune). Please visit the Registry office (Stato Civile) web page for details on the procedure to register the birth of a child in the UK.


9. A child is born in Italy how do I proceed with the AIRE registration?

The procedure in this case is completed directly by the Residency office of the Italian town hall (Comune) in Italy. The Italian town hall (Comune)  will send the AIRE  confirmation to the relevant Italian Consular office. The Consulate will  then register the minor with the rest of the family in the UK.


10.  What happens if I do not inform you about a change of address?

If your address is not regularly updated it will be impossible for us to contact you, in case of elections you will not receive the ballot papers and your name could be cancelled from the AIRE register.