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Su richiesta dell’Electoral Commission britannica si pubblica il seguente avviso sulle procedure per esprimere il diritto di voto in favore dei candidati britannici al rinnovo del Parlamento Europeo


EU citizens casting their vote in the UK

European Parliamentary elections are taking place on 23 May.

We will be running a short voter registration campaign in advance of the deadline on 7 May. This includes targeting EU citizens in the UK to let them know about the declaration form they need to submit in order to cast their vote.

EU citizens registered to vote in the UK can choose to vote either in the UK or in their home country, but not in both. Those who want to vote in the UK must complete and return a declaration form to their Electoral Registration Officer before the 7 May registration deadline.

If you’re an EU citizen, you must be registered to vote and submit a declaration form by 7 May to cast your vote in the UK. Find out more and get your form at:…/european-parliment

How can you help?
• – Share the image: we have developed a sharable social media image that you can easily share on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other channels. You can also share the key message in bulletins or other communications you manage.
• – Utilise your networks: it would be great if you could share this briefing with your networks who will also be able to help us raise awareness.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing: