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Tender for the assignment of a licence for the installation of a photo booth at The Consulate General of Italy in London. CIG ZCD2AC1F99

With this notice the Consulate General of Italy in London opens the deadline to present offers for the installation and service of a photo booth at the Consulate General of Italy in London 83 – 86 Farringdon Street, EC4A 4BL per the period 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2022.

1. Type of service
The photo booth has to be made available to users of Consular Services, during opening hours, in order to allow the printing, at a charge, of passport size photographs to be used for Identity Documents and Travelling documents issued by the Consulate.
The machine used for the service must:
– be new and/or be in excellent conditions;
– must accept coins, notes and credit/debit cards;
– be set up to give change;
– be provided with appropriate type-approval and CE marking as well as satisfying Safety and Accident Prevention Regulations;
– be fully functional for the duration of the concession and, in case of need, be repaired by the Contractor;
– be installed at the Consulate General of Italy, in the area specifically designated by the Administration Office.
The concession does not determine any kind of burden for the Consulate General of Italy whilst the photo booth is in the Consular premises, also for what concerns theft or damage to it. The contract is subject to the provisions of Italian Law. The operator is responsible for obtaining all authorizations, certifications, documentations that may be required by Regulations and Italian or local Laws, for the proper performance of the service.

2. Installation, maintenance and removal of the photo booth
The Contractor will bear the cost of installing the photo booth at the pre-agreed location, move it or remove it if requested by the Consulate, maintain it in a suitable and proper manner and provide all consumables required for the use of the equipment.

3. Responsibility
The Contractor shall exempt the Consulate General of Italy from any liability to third parties that may result from having the photo booth connected to the electricity supply, for damage to people or things during installation, use, moving, removal of the photo booth, including, for its safe keeping and surveillance.

4. Insurance
The Contractor shall produce evidence of adequate public liability insurance. Failure to produce proof of insurance will result in cancellation of the concession.

5. Payments
The Contractor must pay to the Consulate all commissions agreed, in single monthly bank transfers.

6. Requirements of the Tenderer
– Absence of detriment or damage to the image of the Consulate General of Italy or of its initiatives in multilateral context;
– Absence of litigation with the Public Administration;
– Absence of impediments in contracting with the Public Administration and of reasons for exclusion to participation in public bidding as established by the article 80 of the Italian decree law n. 50/2016.

7. Selection
The concession will be awarded to the Company that presents the best offer with:
a) The price to the public not greater than £6.00 per photo
b) The highest rise compared to the current 20% commission on the price offered to the public excluding VAT.
The concession will be awarded even in case of receipt of a single offer.

8. Duration of the notice and examination of the proposals
Bids must be presented by 12:00 noon on 12/12/2019.
Bids received within the above term will be assessed by Officials of the Consulate General of Italy in London, in compliance with the principles of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, impartiality, equality of treatment and transparency.
The concession proposals are not binding for the Consulate General of Italy with regards to a formalization of a contract.
In particular, the Consulate, at his sole discretion, has the right to refuse a proposal for reasons of security or due to the nature of activities of the dealer, or if said proposal is considered incompatible with the institutional role of the Consulate or damaging to its image and decorum.
The Consulate General, can refuse any offer that is not considered coherent with the needs and particular requirements for the provision of the service on Italian ground.

9. Application process.
Interested parties will have to send the following documentation, within the deadline indicated:
a) A written offer – using the form “A” – indicating the applicant and/or the company details, indicating the amount offered for the grant;
b) A Self-certification – using the form “ B” – the documents indicated in form “B” must be enclosed;
c) The above-mentioned documentation must be presented in writing, signed in original, with annexed the identity document and title of the signatory, in a securely sealed envelope, indicating on the front “CONCESSIONE PER L’INSTALLAZIONE DI UNA CABINA FOTO AUTOMATICA DEL 22.11.2019”, and sent by post o handed in by hand at the following address:
UFFICIO AMMINISTRATIVO, Consolato Generale, Harp House, 83–86 Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4BL.
For the purpose of the respect of the terms of the procedure, the arrival stamp by the Consulate shall be considered as proof.
For further details and information please write to

10. Processing of personal data will be pursuant to Regulations on Data Protection (EU) 2016/679
Applicants lend their consent to the processing of personal data by the Consulate General of Italy, for the exclusive purpose of the administrative and accounting management. The Data controller is the Consulate of Italy in London.

Attachment A: Business proposal form
Attachment B: Self-Certification form

The Project Manager

Tony Mori