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Diplomatic Visa

Holders of diplomatic, service and, exceptionally, ordinary passport (in the latter case subject to specific authorization from the Diplomatic Protocol) moving to Italy to serve the Diplomatic Mission of their own country, can apply for a long stay diplomatic visa.

The appointment is subject to prior communication. For booking, please write an email to the following address:

Applicants should always appear in person.

  1. Duly completed application form D for long stay visa (National visa) [click here];
  2. Valid passport or travel document with at least two blank pages, valid at least three months (original plus one photocopy). The passport will be kept and returned with the visa, if approved;
  3. Valid UK Residence Permit and UK eVisa share code (original plus photocopy);
  4. Passport-style photo, full front and white background and not older than 6 months;
  5. Documentation proving the status of public officials: staff ID card (original plus one photocopy);
  6. Verbal Note from the corresponding Diplomatic Mission in UK, showing:
    1. personal details;
    2. the role to be hold (specifying if a new position is being created or if replacing someone. In the latter event, name and role of the person to be replaced need to be mentioned);
    3. when employment will start;
    4. details of family members who are going to join the applicant.
  7. One way travel tickets reservation. Please note:
    1. if travelling by plane, train or bus the ticket must be printed directly from the airline/train line/bus operator, showing passenger’s name, dates, from/to;
    2. if travelling by car, ferry tickets or Eurotunnel tickets are required, alongside with car registration (original plus photocopy) car insurance (original plus photocopy) and driving licence If renting a car, the same documentation is required plus the car rental documents;
    3. if travelling to multiple Schengen countries, travel tickets between each country is mandatory;
    4. if using third parties services, such as travel agencies, note that they will be accepted only if based in the UK or in one of the Schengen countries. Travel tickets must always be issued from the airline/trainline/bus operator themselves and any other paper will not be taken into account. This applies to letter a), b), c).


After the application has been submitted, the visa office needs to be authorised from the Diplomatic Protocol of the Republic. The visa is issued after the Nulla Osta from the Diplomatic Protocol has been released.

Citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine need to provide full names of mother and father and it must result from a birth certificate or Consular declaration.

The visa is free of charge only if the applicant complies with all the above requirements.

Please be aware that, at the time of your appointment, your application will not be accepted unless presented with all required documents. if all the items listed above are not presented, the applicant will have to reschedule a new appointment.

The information outlined above may be subject to change without prior notice. no liability can be accepted for the consequences of such changes.

This consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request additional documentation, if deemed necessary, in addition to what has been submitted. Furthermore, the applicant, is hereby informed that submitting all the required documentation, does not guarantee the issuance of any particular visa.