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How to apply for an emergency passport (without an appointment)

In cases of proven emergency, which still needs to be approved by the Head of the Passport Office, Italian nationals residing in the London Consular district and registered in the AIRE may attend the Consulate without an appointment between 9am and 12 noon, Mondays to Fridays to apply for a passport with the necessary documents.

Those applying for an emergency passport will need to pay an emergency fee in addition to the normal passport fee. Please check the correct fee here (Consular Fees).

The emergency must be for:

  • serious family or health reasons, certified by the relevant healthcare facilities or authorities. All documents must be written in or translated into Italian or in English. Applicants must also submit flight booking or travel ticket;
  • urgent work-related reasons, supported by a reasoned request – signed by a senior manager – which must include their name, position and telephone number, and written on company headed paper. Applicants must also submit flight booking or travel ticket.

Please note that the emergency procedure does NOT apply to the applicant’s family members.

The following documents ARE NOT accepted:

  • undetailed medical certificates. Certificates must state the applicant’s or the family member’s serious condition;
  • travel tickets for holidays or invitation letters from family members or acquintances;
  • urgent business trips proven by emails or text messages;
  • a self-declaration in lieu of proper evidence of the emergency;
  • school trips.